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No one taught us all the issues we would face as we ventured out into the world, but our goal is to help people realize the potential adult in each of us, and how to navigate your life as an adult. Becoming an adult is not about reaching a certain age. Becoming an adult is about how you interact with life and those people in your life. We help people to understand their relationships to other people, and how our relationships can become more positive through grounding positive behaviors in several adult principles. When we change our unhealthy patterns in relationships, we move to a place of peace, authenticity and fulfillment. The energy we used to maintain these unhealthy patterns can be used for our work and our play to become more creative and experience the joy of life. To become an adult and thrive in life is what our time here is about. Join this site and become part of a growing community of adults that live as authentic integrated beings and have fun in the process. Stay connected with us and explore becoming an adult.

Life Coaching

We provide coaching to individuals, couples and families on adult issues. Coaching is available to help with your movement into adulthood, for dealing with adult issues and setting goals for positive change for your personal growth and your relationships. Learn more about our Life Coaching services >

Public Speaking

Speakers are available to small groups, corporate employees, corporate management, high school seniors and universities. A diverse array of adult topics can be presented. Learn more about our Public Speaking services >


Training is available to groups, individuals and couples via the internet and phone. In person training is available to groups of 100 or more people with a desire to come together and share in the experience of learning adult principles. Learn more about our Training services >


Many people feel that being an adult is not fun and that becoming an adult will remove their spontaneous joy of life. BecomingAnAdult is about releasing those beliefs and patterns of behavior that limit our ability to live life fully, spontaneously and joyfully to regain our child-like wonder.

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